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I am a Nutritional Therapist who thrives to change people’s lives, not just their diets. 

My complex medical history started as a teenager. Food that was once a pleasure, became a source of stress that I had to face every day. From my hospital bed, my research into health and nutrition began and I discovered my passion. My illness is the reason I studied nutrition and is the reason I can relate to the people I work with today.

My aim is to offer a service that the 15-year-old me would have hugely benefitted from. From guidance food shopping to point out what I could eat and should try (as opposed to being handed a long list of foods to avoid), to the support of someone who looked at factors beyond what was on my plate to help me feel better overall.


I now join people on their health journey and provide bespoke programmes to guide them to better health which suit them, their lifestyle and their needs. 

Optimising my nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle, alongside medication, got me my life back. I have now been able to create a healthy balance and I want to help you create your own.

Nutritional Therapist 

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