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Most people spend over one third of their day at their workplace. Due to the high demands of the work environment, food habits tend to suffer. The cumulative effects of poor food choices, reduced physical activity and stress can lead to a host of diseases later in life.


Tanya conducts workshops aiming to make people aware of their current dietary and lifestyle choices; she then recommends methods of incorporating healthier ways of living, without disrupting their routine too much! Tanya will personalise her programme to the needs of the company and will take basic measurements such as waist circumference, weight, blood pressure and more to give people some information about their health.


Tanya emphasises that small changes add up and can make big differences, significantly improving your overall health. These sessions typically cover:


• Weight Management

• Healthy snacks options

• How to eat healthily at work and on-the-go

• Smart shopping tips for healthy eating

• How to order healthy food in restaurants

• Increasing physical activity at work


Enquire if you are interested in assessing the health of your company.

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