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Mission nutrition


Tanya wants to bring children, teachers and parents together to re-enforce the importance of nutrition on growth, development, health and well-being. With both obesity and eating disorders on the rise, it is our mission to prevent these conditions by educating children on how to be healthy and have a positive attitude towards food, nutrition and health. According to the statistics on Public Health England, it is estimated that 60% of men and 50% of women will be obese by 2050 - this is the current generation of school children in a few decades!


Tanya develops interactive nutrition workshops for various age groups and she caters to the needs of the school. In these sessions, students also have the opportunity to ask questions which often results in the students disclosing beliefs that they may have falsely acquired anywhere from the internet to their own homes! Tanya will rectify false beliefs and myths and provide them with the scientific reason.


Her programmes provide children with a foundation of basic knowledge on nutrition and health. Tanya believes in providing information that all children should have access to, giving them the tools to make informed lifestyle choices to promote health for the future generation.


*Cooking classes are also available upon request.

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