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Adhering to new diets for any reason, can be difficult. Added to this, the amount of choice available in supermarkets and misrepresentations on food labels, makes the process overwhelming and can leave you unsure of where to turn.


I offer a personal food shopping service, either virtually or in person; to guide and teach you about which foods and brands are best for you, bearing in mind your likes, dislikes and lifestyle.


 If any food group(s) needs to be avoided, I will ensure to provide you with plenty of suitable alternatives so that you do not feel restricted or go hungry! 


Feeling restricted and bored with what we eat, is what tends to make diets / lifestyle changes fail; I will always recommend ways to make your food intake more exciting whilst ensuring you stick to what is best for you. 


I look forward to exposing you to an extensive variety of food alternatives you probably never knew existed.

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