Tanya understands that making dietary changes can be very challenging. Added to this, there are so many food options and conflicting advice on nutrition which leave you unsure of where to turn.


Whether you need to adhere to a new diet, such as for weight loss or diabetes, or whether you simply want advice on how to eat better as a family, Tanya can accompany you food shopping and recommend a sustainable food plan. She takes into consideration your likes and dislikes and introduces you to a variety of foods you can select from.


It’s all about substitution! Replacing foods or food groups with suitable alternatives is key when trying to adhere to a new diet. Feeling restricted and bored with what we eat is what makes most peoples’ diets fail. Tanya will recommend ways to make your diet exciting whilst ensuring you stick to what is best for you.


This is an ideal option for people who have been newly diagnosed with a condition or simply for those who need guidance to transition to a healthier lifestyle. 

Simply Nutritious

Tanya Cohen